PerceptionSuitAnamoPrometricsMoving from a start-up 'tech' cluster to delivering on the promise for Celebral Palsy using 3D motion capture.

In 2017, I met with Danny Router, Paul Clarke & Kevin Conlan of Redback Bioteck who introduced me to Organic Motion ... a studio based marker-less 3D mocap system.   

My real introduction to the uses and benefits of 3D motion capture started in earnest when we bought a Perception Neuron Suit and started to experiment with same working on small animation projects. 

Shorty after that we worked with Gerald O'Brien and his team at Gobstar (Cork, Ireland) on his Irish Lighthouse animation project which required mocap. 

During 2018/19, we moved on to work with different marker-less and marker based systems - each having their own niche values. More recently we purchased a RoKoCo Suit. 

During this time, we discovered Dr Nils Hasler's - TheCaptury - a really cost effective markerless mocap system.  This proved to be a gamechanger for us when early in 2019, we formed AnamoLABS™- Cork - a private mocap laboratory. 

AnamoLABS gave us the opportunity to reach out and work with many interesting mocap projects.  We were particularly please with the opportunity to work with Gillian O'Dwyer and her team of physiotherapists at Enable Ireland - initially with the assessement and treatment of Cerebral Palsy. 

We are pleased with our progress to date and it is our intention to soft-launch our work with regard to CGA - clinical gait analysis and its benefits in June/July of 2020.

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