Today, the majority of ageing adults with an intellectual  disability in Ireland are being cared for by their ageing family members at home. 

Without doubt, this changing profile points to the many issues for service planning as it 


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... there is an opportunity for each of us to learn from same !

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When her daughter Ella was seven years old, she lost her eyes, and it meant Elly had to look again at everything. Ella taught her to #flipthenarrative around how we 'see' people like Ella. That every human is diverse, and that although we are all different, we are the same. We are one.
It's vital that we change the whole conversation from a deficit to a positive and in doing so, change the world – to become again a place of shared difference, diversity and understanding - that our strength lies within this not in our fears or misunderstandings.


Skills Ireland - Skills Needs Analysis Survey
Key Take-Away's

Personal Mobility

As part of my research to understanding and developing a 'best-in-class' approach to movement and personal mobility I am reviewing a number of approaches and am looking to get some feedback on same. For the next 10 days to 25th April 2020, I will investigate what constitutes an acceptable Core Workout for Seniors.  I will then look to issues around 'walking '.